Industry skills and experience can be acquired and learned but natural talent can only be cultivated.

Media & Learning Development Consulting with a Talent Value Focus

WRITE + RIGHT = A Write Brain Philosophy

Our formula for success is enveloped within the art of storytelling. Why? Because research indicates that the best way to engage and communicate with your audience is through effective storytelling. If a story is appropriately developed, composed and structured, an audience will be able to better relate to the content being presented.


We combine innate talent and creativity (right brain functions) with writing skills and technical design expertise. As an organization we cultivate natural talents and abilities as much as experience and acquired skills and not surprisingly, these two avenues don't always coincide.

In today's market, your projects deserve a little extra. They deserve the one or two things that can push your finished product to the head of the line in terms of quality. Sometimes experience and acquired skills are not enough to get you there. At Write Brain, we go beyond skills and experience and apply natural abilities in our service areas of instructional design, digital media, writing and publishing. We add the extra value to your projects and deliver results that set your organization apart from the competition.

James A. Washington, founder of the Write Brain Company began his career as a writer, graphic designer and publisher in the newspaper industry. His foray into the world of technology began in 2001 as a technical writer, working for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

As he began his new career in IT, he quickly realized that his natural writing and design abilities were a keen asset in an industry where "left brain" thinking and orientation was dominant among a world of engineers, scientist, programmers and countless other subject matter experts and thought leaders.


Among the many people he encountered in this technology driven business environment, he determined that it was his innate abilities and design talents that set his work apart adding a unique and distinguishable value. Upon this discovery he saw how natural ability maximized his value in ways acquired skills and experience didn't. It was during this brainstorm that James envisioned the WriteBrain Company. A place where natural writing and design talents drive technical skills and practical expertise.



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